Hello I am Eren. I was born in Kirikkale of Turkey in 2000 and I still live here. I am a YouTuber but it is just hobby. Everyone has a purpose in this life. It makes me happy to amaze people with expressions like LOL! , OMG! , woov! , haha! I made this site and everything that belongs to the Enadream TV community. I do not have any partners yet. Life is very strange , sometimes you are the best , sometimes you’re the worst. Sometimes you are loved , Sometimes you are hated. It’s up to you. If you can see the glass half full , life will flow like water for you. I am going to update the site. I just will be doing. If you want to be informed be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. This site is under construction. I know a lot of the minus and I work on it. My english is not so good. I apologize if there are errors in these sentences these. See you …

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